TWP_BC 4-96 Electric Franchise with City of Petoskey

TWP_BC 5 Fire Protection Act

TWP_BC 93-9 Cable Franchise Ordinance

TWP_BC 9-98 Township Park Ordinance & Amendment

TWP_BC 10-99 Tax Exempt Ordinance – HDC

TWP_BC 11-16-76 Local Hunting & Firearms Control

TWP_BC 11A-99 Private Road Ordinance

TWP_BC 12-00 Regulate Public Nudity

TWP_BC 13-00 Land Division Ordinance

TWP_BC 14-01 Tax Exempt Ordinance

TWP_BC 15-01 Tax Exempt Ordinance Hillside Club II LDHA LP

TWP_BC 16-01 Harbor Springs Electric Franchise & Summary

TWP_BC 17-02 Electric Franchise w Great Lakes Energy

TWP_BC 20-05 Tax Exemption Ordinance

TWP_BC 21-05 Lot Division in Recorded Plats Ordinance

TWP_BC 22-05 Sewer Ordinance & Amendment

TWP_BC 22-05 Sewer ordinance Summary

TWP_BC 23-06 Liquor Control Ordinance and Summary

TWP_BC 24-06 State Construction Code Enforcement Ordinance

TWP_BC 25-07 Amendment to Ordinance to Regulate Public Nudity

TWP_BC 26-07 Sexually Oriented Business Ordinance & Summary

TWP_BC 27-08 Billboard Regulation Ordinance and Summary

TWP_BC 28-11 Confirm Establishment of Planning Commission

TWP_BC 29-11 Revocable Electric Service Franchise

TWP_BC 30-11 City of Petoskey Electric Franchise Ordinance

TWP_BC 31-13 Rescind Prior State Const Code Enforcement Ordinance

TWP_BC 32-13 Cost Recovery Ordinance

TWP_BC 33-15 Public Park and Access Ordinance

TWP_BC 35-16 Blight Elimination Ordinance

TWP_BC 37-18 Outdoor Burning Ordinance

TWP_BC 37-18 Outdoor Burning Ordinance Summary

TWP_BC 87-10 Lot Division Ordinance

TWP BC 36-17 Internat’l Fire Code Ordinance

TWP BC 38-19 Prohibition Recreational Marihuana Establishments Ordinance

TWP_BC 39-19 Consumer Fireworks Ordinance

TWP BC 86 Garbage or Trash Disposal Facilities

TWP BC 40-20 Maple Village I Amendment

TWP BC 41-20 Maple Village II Amendment

TWP BC 42-21 Sewer Use Ordinance Amendment

TWP BC 44-21 Construction Board of Appeals

TWP BC 45-21 Outdoor Burning Amendment